[REPORT]Indonesia report(Interview 100 Indonesian generation Z)_English

FuturePlay distributes a report interviewing 100 Indonesian generation Z (born 1995-2010) people.

Indonesia report(Interview 100 Indonesian generation Z)_Eng_final_210319


FuturePlay is

– An accelerator established in 2013. We have invested in around 150 startups and our headquarter is located in Seoul, South Korea.

– Helping startups that first enter specific technology field to accelerate, by providing focused support on technology, commercialization, PR, marketing, HR, and design.

– Building and investing in startups that will change human life in the next 10 years in a sustainable way.

– Focusing beyond Korea, on the potential and growth of Asia in the 21st century.


We want to understand Indonesia’s growth

– We want to further understand Indonesia, the country with the 4th largest population in the world and the fastest digital transformation in Southeast Asia.

– There are numerous published reports on Indonesia, but in addition to looking at the big picture, we want to grasp problems that Indonesians experience in their daily lives, that could lead to solutions for startups.

– In order to infer common problems and needs, we conducted in-depth interviews with 100 Gen Z-ers who will lead future changes.


We would like to share our insights

– We hope this report can be a helpful resource for startups and investors who are eager to enter the Indonesian market in their decision-making.

– We also hope to further process or cooperate with more partners in the future, to thrive the market with additional data.

– Furthermore, we hope to be the medium that connects Korea and Indonesia’s startup ecosystems.

– To any company, investor, and other institutions interested in cooperating with us, please contact us through


Indonesia report(Interview 100 Indonesian generation Z)_Eng_final_210319