Startup Studio
“Ideas to Quantum Growth Startup” Construct business models and enterprises by developing innovative ideas and built into a real business.
Startup Studio
1. Ideate
Reach out to fast-changing market conditions to develop new products and business models.
2. Validate
Verify the products by pretotyping test.
3. Incubate
Based on the results of the pretotyping test, develop products and construct a specific business model.
4. Spin-off
Based on the R&D contents of the new products, we promote new businesses in various forms such as new enterprise initiations and company buildings.
startup studio
Leverage accumulated know-how and resouces to accelerate startup growth. Identify and support entrepreneurs with deep expertise and passion, creating attractive invesment opportunities.
Startup studio
New Initiative group is formed with members of diverse experience and expertise in startups, strategy planning, new business development, service planning, design and marketing.