Portfolio Companies

Keukey is developing an easy typo correction solution for smart devices that doesn't require backspaces to create the ideal text-input experience.

Podo is the world's first 'stick-and-shoot' camera. This 3cmX3cm camera sticks anywhere and is controlled wireless from your phone.

To provide ‘fintech’ solutions, Uberple built a financial search engine, SNEK, that provides users with a range of financial information aggregated from multiple sources.

Kono is an artificial intelligence-powered assistant that combines machine-learning technology, your mobile scheduler, and smart reminders to make scheduling easier.

TenQube has created Qlip, an app that collects and manages your financial data, to help you make knowledge-based financial decisions.

Alleys, a video-based interactive map, helps pedestrians navigate through alleys and find shortcuts in cities all over the world by analyzing crowd-sourced data.

LuxRobo is using robot technology to make electrical appliances smarter and easier to use.

Ab180 provides a marketing solution for mobile apps by utilizing deep-linking technology.

8BEAT Co., Ltd. has developed wireless earbuds that maximize convenience while providing excellent sound quality.

NearthLab is developing a high-quality drone platform.

Catch It Play is creating an educational mobile app that utilizes gamification technology.

Qeexo is building a next generation, touch interaction platform that detects not only where a touch event is occurring on the screen, but also how the user is touching the screen.

Bitfinder has developed Awair, a climate tracker, that monitors and tracks the user’s surroundings to help users lead healthier lives.

StudioXID designed Protopie, their interaction-based mobile prototyping tool, to help non-engineers iterate and test interactive UX.

Looxid Labs has created an eye-brain interface platform, the LX-I. This headset is able to monitor a variety of factors to help users understand how their brain is working.

Ovitz believes everyone has the right to proper eyesight.  To fulfill this vision Ovitz makes a portable optometry device that helps everyone get the care they need.

Streamlyzer provides real-time data and analytics for streaming businesses about their audience segmentation, social engagement, and other metrics.

Livin is a smart shower product and service platform.  Livin collects data about a user’s showers to create the optimal showering experience.

Sentience is developing a credit rating system using big data that includes both traditional financial data and social data.

Finda is an online platform that allows users to compare various financial products and also educates its users about how to make better financial decisions.

Huinno is working to create a wearable device that changes the way people think about healthcare.  Huinno’s device can detect blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, and other vitals.

VUNO's machine learning technology will help doctors and hospitals process medical images and aid them in making quick, accurate medical diagnoses and prognoses.

Fluenty is creating a natural language processing API for wearable and IoT devices by aggregating and analyzing responses from social media.

Impressivo is building a pressure and multi-touch sensitive fabric sensor to enrich the way people interact with digital devices.

Fasterthan is a software company that focuses on network acceleration, in particular mobile network acceleration, to assist businesses that depend on mobile network performance.

Neurogazer identifies and improves users talents and abilities by analyzing data gathered about the user’s brain and provides customized information.

Melephant is creating social, event-based short-video platforms.  The company has created two apps, Funch and Seeso.

Nexpress is developing a micro needle and LED powered skincare patch using MEMS and stretchable electronic technology.

Bagel Labs co., Ltd. is developing a smart tape measure called the 'Bagel', which can easily measure, record, and analyze the length of any object.

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

FuturePlay TechUP

Buzzmusiq makes the smart, context-based music recommendations,

just buzz and jam.

AccuPS is creating 3D Head and Hand tracker for easy-to-use yet powerful 3D interactions in the virtual world.

SENTIO is developing a plug-and-play device named  ’Superbook’, which turns user's android smartphone into a complete laptop.

Mcell is a company that develops smart textiles that can be applied to wearable devices based on surface treatment / coating technology.

Spatial is creating new User Interfaces for AR / VR environments.

Alcacruz's is aiming to create the next-generation technologies that change how millions of users enjoy VR streaming contents.

Remote monster is commercializing

a light and modern video communication and real-time broadcasting platform based on WebRTC technology.

ZEROTH is asia's first accelerator programme for AI/ML startups.

ZEROTH leads teams to build AI / ML startups in non-obvious industries

Neurophet is creating guidance software to increase the efficiency of electrical brain stimulation developed around the brain navigation theory.

Apposha provides DB engines, tailored for high performance, as a managed service for maximizing customers’ administration and cost efficiencies.

PIUM makes Things for user’s scented life, which is personalized scent blending and smart scent control with the app.

Bisecu is developing effective and convenient smart bicycle lock based on bluetooth, which collects and analyze all data about bicycle driving.

LOON Labs is the creator of

a menstrual cup that tracks and

analyzes menstrual flow.

Virtualive provides

AR based hair style

simulation solution

Reziena developes

Hifu-based home anti-aging

IoT devices

SOS Lab is a company that develops Solid State Lidar, which is mainly used in autonomous driving technology

The Planteat  is a food technology

startup that studies pure vegetable alternatives for a sustainable future

BearRobotics is a company that develops Pennybot, a Busser robot that helps serve at restaurants.

Uneedcomms is a company that develops marketing solution services for mobile e-commerce

LiBEST produces flexible batteries

Biovit is developing

 natural anti-infective protein,

coating technology

Trove provides diagnosis of skin condition by analyzing skin information obtained from photographs through deep learning algorithm

TodoWorks is an IoT company that creates a todo drive, a smart / portable electric wheelchair

Paffem offers 'perfumeteller',

a fragrance recommendation service that finds a fragrance suitable for individuals

Mandro makes personalized

prosthetic hands using

3D printing technology.

NOUL saves lives through integration of innovative technologies, such as biology, chemistry, mobile technology, AI, robotics, software engineering

AlienRobot is developing a new generation of robot joints and uses high precision manufacturing technology to mass-produce cycloid gears

Alien Robot

Bear Robotics

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